Where to watch amateur porn videos?

Professional porn gets stale after some time. That is an undeniable fact almost every man will experience at some point, that the actresses that do porn for big-budget studios simply aren’t doing it for them anymore. Maybe you hate the fake moans, maybe it’s the production you dislike, but whatever it is, the cure is usually the same: amateur porn has everything professional porn doesn’t, it has the passion, the raw desire, the fizzling chemistry between two people. A downside to amateur porn, however, is that it can be somewhat hard to find at times. But never fear, that is why we’re here, to show you some of the best amateur sites the web has to offer!


Porntrexis a site many of you might not have heard of. This is a newbie making waves in the porn industry right now, and for good reason. This website features the perfect mix of both amateur and professional content, with the amateur content mostly being very well produced and filmed. The rest of the videos too, are high quality, featuring some of the biggest names in porn. The high level of moderation that goes into every submission on this site makes it so that you’re certain to see a quality piece of pornography no matter where on it you go.

The design of the site itself is sleek, compact and practical, making it extremely well adjusted both for desktop use, as well as for mobile phones.



No list like this is complete without Pornhub, they not only make amateur porn come to life, but their verified program has allowed many an amateur pornstar to go from rags to riches, and enabled them to turn making porn into a full-fledged career. Now, apart from the verified program, there are many other amateurs on Pornhub, those that might not necessarily care about the fame, but love the sheer ability to upload videos.



XHamster’s low moderation standards mean that this is probably the best place to find ‘underground’ badly filmed amateur porn, and lord knows we all need a bit of that sometimes. Besides this, it is also one of the biggest amateur porn sites on the internet today, with a massive amount of content backing up the many years of this site’s existence. The design is much like Pornhub, except it’s white and a bit more rough around the edges.